Slepecky Speakers



Institution and Field
Lecture Title
2003 Dr. Debbie A. Niemeier UC Davis; civil and environmental engineering The Job Everyone Loves to Hate: Leadership and Diversity in Department Chairs.
2004 Dr. Caroline Baillie Queens University; materials engineering Different or equal: Transforming Science and Engineering Education.
2005 Ms. Donna Francher SU alum; pharmaceutical research in oncology My Own Science: Science Creativity and Entrepreneurship.
2006 Dr. Deborah Pearce CEO of LeaJames How to Succeed in the corporate science & engineering context.
2007 Dr. Judy Vance Program Director at NSF; Iowa State University; Mechanical Engineering Do You Know Where You are Going?
2008 Dr. Valerie Davidson University of Guelph, Canada Achievements, Challenges and Future Directions as the Ontario Chair for Women in Science and Engineering.
2009 Dr. Ellen Martin Associate Professor, University of Florida – Gainesville, Geology Dept. Grow of Ice Sheets of Antarctica: Climate Change 40 million years ago.
2010 Dr. Susan Jerger Ashebel Smith Professor at the University of Texas in Dallas, School of Brain & Behavioral Sciences Perceiving and Remembering Speech: Hearing Things Not as They Are, But As We Are.
2011 Dr. Catherine Badgley Assist Professor of Biology, University of Michigan Feeding a Hungry Planet: Crisis and Opportunity.
2012 Dr. Mimi Koehl Professor of Biology, University of California, Berkeley Swimming in Turbulent Waves: How do tiny larvae settle onto coral reefs?
2013 Dr. Laurie Leshin Dean of the School of Science at RPI Science on Mars Time: Roving the Red Planet with Curiosity.
2014 Dr. Patricia J. Culligan Professor, Professor of Civil Engineering and Engineering Mechanics; Columbia University in NYC Green Roofs and Urban Stormwater Management.
2015 Dr. Noelle Eckley Selin Engineering Sys & Atmospheric Chem at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology; jointly appointed in Engineering Sys Division & Dept of Earth, Atmospheric & Planetary Sci. Mercury Pollution: Tracking Emissions to Impacts.
2016 Dr. Marcia McNutt Editor-in-Chief of Science/AAAS and President Elect of National Academy of Science Climate Intervention: Promise and Peril.
2017 Dr. Brigid Hogan George Barth Geller Professor and Chair of the Department of Cell Biology, Duke University Medical Center How Embryos Build Organs to Last A Lifetime.
2018 Dr. Nora S. Newcombe Laura H. Carnell Professor of Psychology at Temple University Spatial Learning for STEM Success
2019 Dr. Kelly Benoit-Bird Marine Biologist, Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute Echoes from the Deep
2020 Canceled due to COVID-19
2021 Dr. Ahna Skop Professor of Genetics, University of Wisconsin-Madison Too Creative for Science
2022 22-Year WiSE Celebration –

Dr. Virginia Valian (Keynote)

Hunter College – CUNY Graduate Center, Distinguished Professor of Psychology, and is a member of the doctoral facilities of Psychology Linguistics, and Speech-Language-Hearing Sciences Gender Equity: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow
2023  Dr. Shikha Nangia  Syracuse University; Associate Professor, Biomedical and Chemical Engineering   Undergraduate Powered Research: Are Bacteria Friends or Foes? 
2023  Dr. Jennifer Ross  Syracuse University; Department Chair and Professor, Physics  Undergraduate Powered Research: Exploring Cellular Self-Organization 
2024  Dr. Sharon Walker  Drexel University, Dean and Distinguished Professor
College of Engineering