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Since 1999, Syracuse University’s Women in Science and Engineering (WiSE) has proudly supported the recruitment, persistence, and advancement of women in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics).

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Other News

4 STEM Faculty Presented NSF Early-Career Research Awards
Congrats to Dr. Rachel Steinhardt, Dr. Tripti Bhattacharya, Dr. Olga Makhlynets and Dr. Alison Patteson for early career awards!

Physics Professor Marina Artuso’s Decade-Long Research Culminates in Unveiling Cutting-Edge Technology at International Lab
Congrats to Dr. Marina Artuso, WiSE Faculty Advisor!

Bhattacharya, Patteson Win Sloan Research Fellowships

Congrats to WiSE Faculty members Dr. Tripti Bhattacharya and Dr. Alison Patteson!

Physics Department’s Alison Patteson Named Cottrell Scholar

Congrats to WiSE Faculty member Dr. Alison Patteson!

Falk Public Health Professor Katherine McDonald Honored for Research on Creating Inclusive Communities

Congrats to WiSE Faculty member Dr. Kate McDonald!

Crown Honors Professors Hehnly, Nisenbaum Recognized

Congrats to Dr. Heidi Henhly, WiSE Faculty Advisor!

University Part of Collaborative Team Researching Preventing Infections in Engineered Tissue and Implantable Devices

Congrats to Dr. Shikha Nangia, WiSE Faculty Advisor!

Qinru Qiu Named a Distinguished Member of the Association for Computing Machinery
Congrats to Dr. Qinru Qiu, WiSE Faculty Advisor!

A&S Biology Professor Helping to Shape NSF Funding
Congrats to Dr. Kari Segraves!

University Announces Inaugural Renée Crown Honors Professorships
Congrats to Dr. Heidi Hehnly, WiSE Faculty Advisor!

Yousr Dhaouadi: Ph.D. Candidate, GSO President Willing to ‘Follow Every Opportunity’
This interview features former WiSE-FPP Associate Yousr Dhaouadi.

NIH ESTEEMED Grant to Enhance Diversity and Elevate Undergraduate Research in Bioengineering
Congrats to Drs. Shikha Nangia and Julie Hasenwinkel, both WiSE Faculty Advisors! The grant will help fund a program to recruit and train undergraduates from diverse racial and ethnic minorities, people with disabilities, and individuals from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Lab Focuses on Curing Brain-Related Diseases
Read about WiSE Faculty Advisor, Dr. Shikha Nangia, and her research. The article also features WiSE-FPP Associate Jingjing Ji.

The Art of Science: Students Participate in University’s First-Ever Bio-Art Class
Read about WiSE Faculty Advisor, Dr. Heidi Hehnly, and her new class offering (along with Dr. Boryana Rossa). The article also features WiSE-FPP Associate Renita Saldanha.

Podcast and Q&A With Speech Language Pathologist Alex Middleton ’22: Providing a Voice to Help People Advocate for Themselves
This interview features WiSE Summer Research participant Alex Middleton.

Lab’s Synthetic Materials Repair Damaged Tissues and Organs
Read about WiSE Faculty member, Dr. Mary Beth Monroe, and her research and how she fosters community and equity in STEM.

Whale Mums and Calves Whisper, Hide from Predators off Great Australian Bight, Researchers Say
Read this ABC News article featuring the research of WiSE Faculty member, Dr. Susan Parks, and former WiSE-FPP Associates Julia Dombroski and Julia Zeh.

Senior Profile: Katie Piston ’22 Solves Biomedical Engineering Challenges
Congrats to Katie Piston, former WiSE-FPP Associate!

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