Faculty lunch 2019Faculty initiative and involvement make WiSE one of the most successful programs for women  and their allies of any gender, sex, or race at Syracuse University.

Since 1999, WiSE has been on the cutting edge of gender inclusion, providing strong support for equality, pipeline persistence, and career capacity building. Women faculty in STEM appreciate the program’s informality and responsiveness, as well as its community-building and interdisciplinary approach.

Through a professional network and regular programming, WiSE links women in STEM and their allies  across campus, facilitating their ability to accomplish much more than they would as individuals. WiSE not only helps women faculty and their allies support one another, but also assists them in nurturing and encouraging students in STEM.

New Faculty Lunch participants on Zoom

Programming generally focuses on the follow areas:

  • Welcoming, interdisciplinary community
  • Network building and mentoring
  • Developing capacity and information sharing
  • Work/life balance and productivity
  • Recruitment, advancement, and recognition

To note, WiSE also partnered with SU ADVANCE, an NSF-funded Institutional Transformational Grant, from 2010 to 2017.

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