Since its conception in 1999 Syracuse University’s Women in Science and Engineering (WiSE) program has been at the cutting edge of gender inclusion providing bold support of equality, pipeline persistence, career capacity-building and interdisciplinary collaboration. WiSE’s core strengths lie in its informality, responsiveness, interdisciplinarity and community building approach, linking STEM women across campus and facilitating their ability to accomplish much more than they would as individuals. Women STEM faculty have a vehicle in WiSE to not only support each other but to also nurture women students in STEM. Programs offered provide:

  • Welcoming, Interdisciplinary Community
  • Network Building & Mentoring
  • Developing Capacity & Information Sharing
  • Work-Life Balance & Productivity
  • Recruitment, Advancement and Recognition

Current Faculty Advisors & Leadership

WiSE also partners with SU ADVANCE to offer professional and informal development opportunities, lecture series and informal mentoring.