Research/Internship Panel

The following two videos feature the WiSE Women of Color in STEM program held on February 27, 2020. The panel discusses the many benefits of undergraduate research and internships, and answers audience questions about how students can successfully apply for and participate in these opportunities.

Part 1: An Intro to the Benefits of Summer Research and Internships

Part 2: Question and Answer Panel

Please see questions and time markers below the video.

  • What makes an applicant stand out in a pool of applicants? (0:24)
  • How would you approach a professor about a research opportunity? (4:35)
  • Where can we look up research opportunities?  Is there a website for openings? (10:18)
  • Is it possible to ask for more than one source of funding? (15:00)
  • In terms of tailoring a resume for something you are applying to, how would I know what to cut out? (18:55)
  • When going to a career fair or an interview, what types of things should I highlight about myself to companies and what should I avoid? (20:30)
  • What are some of the differences between internships and research? (22:55)
  • When you meet with potential faculty or employers, how should you present yourself for a better chance of getting the internship or opportunity? (28:20)
  • Companies are interested in a set of skills. Is it more relevant to have an official certificate, or is class work enough? (30:50)
  • How would you go about getting a certificate? (32:15)