General Graduate Programming

General Graduate Programs

WiSE periodically offers programs for the broader population of graduate students in STEM in collaboration with the Graduate Student Organization (GSO) and the Graduate School, as well as STEM-related departments and colleges across the university. These programs are open to students of all genders with a particular emphasis on students who identify as women and/or as members of underrepresented groups.

In collaboration with the GSO, WiSE offers General Graduate Programs with the aim of improving the abilities of students to communicate their scientific research to different potential audiences within the academy, the media, and the general public.

Some examples of previous offerings within the Excellence in Communicating Science series are:

  • Scientific Writing Workshop
  • Lightning/Flash Talk Workshop
  • Negotiation Workshop
  • Introduction to Grant Writing
  • Managing Your Professional Reputation By Engaging the Media
  • Using Social Media to Enhance Your Research

Some examples of programming offered with the Graduate School, as well as STEM-related departments, colleges, and programs are:

  • CV Workshop for Graduate Students in STEM
  • Resume Roundtable for Graduate Students in STEM
  • Gaining Interpersonal Understanding: An MBTI Workshop
  • Careers in Industry: A Panel Discussion for Graduate Students in STEM