Qinru Qiu Named a Distinguished Member of the Association for Computing Machinery
Congrats to Dr. Qinru Qiu, WiSE Faculty Advisor!

A&S Biology Professor Helping to Shape NSF Funding
Congrats to Dr. Kari Segraves!

University Announces Inaugural Renée Crown Honors Professorships
Congrats to Dr. Heidi Hehnly, WiSE Faculty Advisor!

Yousr Dhaouadi: Ph.D. Candidate, GSO President Willing to ‘Follow Every Opportunity’
This interview features former WiSE-FPP Associate Yousr Dhaouadi.

NIH ESTEEMED Grant to Enhance Diversity and Elevate Undergraduate Research in Bioengineering
Congrats to Drs. Shikha Nangia and Julie Hasenwinkel, both WiSE Faculty Advisors! The grant will help fund a program to recruit and train undergraduates from diverse racial and ethnic minorities, people with disabilities, and individuals from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Lab Focuses on Curing Brain-Related Diseases
Read about WiSE Faculty Advisor, Dr. Shikha Nangia, and her research. The article also features WiSE-FPP Associate Jingjing Ji.

The Art of Science: Students Participate in University’s First-Ever Bio-Art Class
Read about WiSE Faculty Advisor, Dr. Heidi Hehnly, and her new class offering (along with Dr. Boryana Rossa). The article also features WiSE-FPP Associate Renita Saldanha.

Podcast and Q&A With Speech Language Pathologist Alex Middleton ’22: Providing a Voice to Help People Advocate for Themselves
This interview features WiSE Summer Research participant Alex Middleton.

Lab’s Synthetic Materials Repair Damaged Tissues and Organs
Read about WiSE Faculty member, Dr. Mary Beth Monroe, and her research and how she fosters community and equity in STEM.

Whale Mums and Calves Whisper, Hide from Predators off Great Australian Bight, Researchers Say
Read this ABC News article featuring the research of WiSE Faculty member, Dr. Susan Parks, and former WiSE-FPP Associates Julia Dombroski and Julia Zeh.

Senior Profile: Katie Piston ’22 Solves Biomedical Engineering Challenges
Congrats to Katie Piston, former WiSE-FPP Associate!

Molecular Mystery
Read about WiSE Faculty Advisor, Dr. Shikha Nangia, and her research on the blood-brain barrier.

Piecing Together the Climate Puzzle
Read about WiSE Faculty member, Dr. Tripti Bhattacharya, and her research on global weather patterns.

Preserving Aquatic Ecosystems, One Lake at a Time
WiSE Faculty member, Dr. Svetoslava Todorova, and her research are featured in this Syracuse University News article.

A&S Biologists Observe Molecular ‘Hand-off’ That Plays Key Role in Reproduction
Dr. Erin McCullough, former WiSE Postdoc, was part of this research team.

One University Awards Ceremony Is Friday in Hendricks Chapel
Congrats to all of the WiSE community members to receive awards this year!

WiSE faculty: Drs. Melissa Chipman, Radhika Garg, Laverne Gray, Julie Hasenwinkel, M. Lisa Manning, and Vera McIlvain

WiSE students: Julia Chou, Oduduabasi Isaiah, Denise Magny, Alex Middleton, Nathena Murray, Jazmine Richardson, and Francielli Silva Genier

Bellot, Geiss Named Class of 2023 Senior Class Marshals
Congrats to Simone Bellot, WWoCS-CPP Associate!

Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Professor Sara Eftekharnejad Receives National Science Foundation (NSF) CAREER Award
Congrats to Dr. Sara Eftekharnejad!

Bringing Science Back Home: Ph.D. Candidate Tiffany Hamm Works to Expand STEM Access
This Syracuse University News article features the research of Tiffany Hamm, former WiSE-FPP Associate and WWoCS participant.

Juniors Cordiana Cozier, Matthew Cufari and Ellen Jorgensen Named 2022 Goldwater Scholars
Congrats to Cordiana Cozier, WWoCS-CPP Associate!

2022 Syracuse University Scholars Announced
Congrats to Julia Chou, former WWoCS-CPP Associate!

Graduate Dean’s Award Recipients Announced
Congrats to WiSE participants Nina Benway, Jessica Powers, Chenyan Wang, and Amanda Xiaoyan Zhang!

Women in Science and Engineering Helping to Boost Women in STEM
This Syracuse University News article discusses WiSE and our upcoming 22-Year Celebration on April 1!

Women in Science Day Profile: Biomaterials Engineer Developing Smart Materials of the Future
This Syracuse University News article features Dr. Mary Beth Browning Monroe and her research.

University Announces ‘Unsung Heroes’ in Honor of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
Congrats to former WWoCS-CPP Associate Nathena Murray!

An Integrated Learning Experience
This Syracuse University News article features WiSE participant Sophie Hernandez.

WiSE Annual Summary for 2021

A&S Faculty Connect High School Students With Wonders of Physics
Dr. Jennifer Ross, Advisor for WiSE Faculty Leadership Development, is quoted in this Syracuse University News article.

Professor Loredana Lanzani Named a Fellow of the American Mathematical Society
Congrats to former WiSE Faculty Advisor Dr. Lanzani!

LaunchPad Announces 2021 ’Cuse Tank Winners
Congrats to former WWoCS-CPP Associate Simran Lakhani!

Rose-Laying Ceremony, Remembrance Scholar Convocation to Be Held Friday
Congrats to former WWoCS-CPP Associates Julia Chou, Nathena Murray, and Jazmine Richardson for receiving this special honor.

Professor Shikha Nangia Selected as Rising Star by American Chemical Society
Congrats to Dr. Shikha Nangia, Faculty Advisor for WWoCS!

Arts and Sciences Physicist Part of a 5-University Team Programming Biological Cells to Design Futuristic Materials
This Syracuse University News article features the research of Dr. Jennifer Ross, Advisor for WiSE Faculty Leadership Development.

Advancing Understanding of the Link Between Pain and Nicotine Consumption
This Syracuse University News article features the research of Jessica Powers, former WiSE-FPP Associate.

Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Professor Sucheta Soundarajan Receives NSF CAREER Award
Congrats to Dr. Sucheta Soundarajan, Lead Faculty Advisor for WiSE-FPP!

12 Undergraduate Students Awarded WiSE Summer Research Funds

2021 CUSE Grants Fund 79 Projects
Congrats to all the recipients! Many are WiSE Faculty.

NIH Grant Funds Innovative Study on Childhood Stuttering
Congrats to Principal Investigator Dr. Victoria Tumanova!

New Dean, Faculty, and Student Representatives Appointed to Board of Trustees
Congrats to Yousr Dhaouadi, WiSE-FPP Associate, for being selected as the Graduate Student Representative!

Whales Sing in New York Waters
Congrats to Julia Zeh, WiSE-FPP Associate, on her research being featured in the New York Times!

Graduate School Marshal Reflects on Syracuse Experience
Congrats to Rikki Sargent, former WiSE-FPP Associate!

University Celebrates Outstanding Teaching Assistants
Congrats to Nigar Altindis, Jun Fang, Julia Ribeiro Guimaraes, and Emily Watts, current and former WiSE-FPP Associates!

Twelve Selected as 2021 Syracuse University Scholars
Congrats to Simran Mirchandani, past WiSE Research awardee!

University Names 2021-22 Remembrance Scholars
Congrats to Julia Chou, Nathena Murray, and Jazmine Richardson, WWoCS-CPP Associates!

Engineering and Computer Science Faculty Awarded Grant for Catheter Research Project
Congrats to Dr. Huan Gu, WiSE Postdocs Advisor!

New Research Shows Pain-Relieving Effects of CBD
Former WiSE-FPP Associate Dezarie Moskal’s research was featured in this Syracuse University News article.

Undergraduate Students Awarded the 2021 Norma Slepecky Research Prize

Talking Trash With Laura Markley, Waste and Plastics Researcher in the College of Engineering and Computer Science
Former WiSE-FPP Associate Laura Markley was featured in this Syracuse University News article.

Visualizing Science
Slepecky Lecturer Dr. Ahna Skop ’94 was featured in Syracuse Stories.

Dr. Shobha Bhatia Receives 2021 Judith Greenberg Seinfeld Scholar Award
Congrats to Dr. Bhatia, WiSE Faculty Co-Director!

ITS Behind the Monitor Podcast: WiSE Program Director Sharon Alestal‪o
Learn more about WiSE, our mission, and programming through this podcast with Sharon Alestalo.

Celebrating 20 Years of WiSE Booklet CoverCelebrating 20 Years of Women in Science and Engineering
Morgan Foss, WiSE Intern and graduate student at the Newhouse School of Public Communications, researched and designed this booklet on the history and accomplishments of WiSE.

WiSE 2020 Summary
Despite the year’s challenges, WiSE continued to provide (and expand!) programming and support for women in STEM.

7 Women Scientists Who Defied the Odds and Changed Science Forever
Dr. Christa Kelleher was quoted in this Newsweek article.

Seed Grants of Change: Building Thriving Networks among Female Geotechnical Faculty Members
WiSE Faculty Co-Director Dr. Shobha Bhatia and WiSE-FPP Advisor Dr. Sucheta Soundarajan published this article in the Journal of Civil Engineering Education.

Women in Science Day Spotlight: Christa Kelleher

A&S Researchers Awarded $2.1M Grant to Study Causes of Congenital Heart Defects
Congrats to Dr. Lisa Manning, Dr. Heidi Hehnly, and Postdoc Dr. Paula Sanematsu!

On a Quest for Knowledge
Catherine Campbell, a WWoCS-CPP Associate, was featured in Syracuse Stories.

Former WiSE-FPP Associates Win 2020 Research Day Awards

Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Professors Receive Technological Innovation Awards
Dr. Qinru Qiu was recognized for her pioneering contributions in stochastic power management and brain-inspired architectures to achieve energy efficient computing.

Dr. Christa Kelleher Wins Syracuse University’s First Francis A. Kohout Award for Outstanding Achievement

WiSE Launches Career Preparation Program

For students! Check out our WiSE Video for the Virtual Cultural Centers Welcome Fair (offsite).

Professor Sandra Hewett Recognized for “Inspiring” Mentorship

WiSE Statement of Immigration and Customs Guidelines

WiSE Finishes 2019-2020 Strong

WiSE Postdoctoral Fellow Receives Thomas Henry Huxley Award
Congratulations to Dr. Erin McCullough!

Julia Riley is Awarded the 2020 Norma Slepecky Undergraduate Research Prize
This Syracuse University News article features the first and second place winners of the Slepecky Prize this year.

WiSE Supports Speaker Diversity in Lecture Series

Faculty Connections Empower Biotechnology Major to Find Her Research Niche
Read this Syracuse Stories article about Amanda Luke, biotechnology undergraduate student and WiSE Summer Research participant.

Twelve Professors Named Recipients of Excellence in Graduate Education Faculty Recognition Award
This Syracuse University News article features multiple WiSE faculty – congrats to Drs. Dawn Johnson, Aesoon Park, Sucheta Soundarajan!

Syracuse University and UC Berkeley Researchers Team Up to Develop 3D Human Heart Model Showing How Cardiac Cells Fail to Adapt to a Pathological Mechanical Environment
This Syracuse University News article features WiSE-FPP Associate Chenyan Wang.

Lessons Learned from GeoLegends: Dr. Shobha K. Bhatia, M.ASCE
This Geostrata article features Dr. Shobha Bhatia, Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering, and Faculty Co-Director of WiSE.

WiSE 2019 Summary – Available Online

WiSE-FPP Dinner Promotes Healthy Eating with Special Guest Dr. Sudha Raj

WiSE Postdoctoral Researcher Receives Young Scientist Award
Congratulations to Dr. Iwona Klonowska! She is the recipient of the 2019 Jan Bergström Young Scientist Award from the Geological Society of Sweden.

Meet the Scientist: Dr. Suzanne Baldwin
This Geochemical Society article features Dr. Suzanne Baldwin, Professor of Earth Sciences, and Faculty Advisor for WiSE.

Hush, Little Baby: Mother Right Whales ‘Whisper’ to Calves
This Syracuse University News article features the research of Dr. Susan Parks, Associate Professor of Biology, and Faculty Advisor to WiSE Postdocs.

Green Named AIAA Associate Fellow
This Syracuse University News article celebrates Dr. Melissa Green’s upcoming induction at the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA) Associate Fellows Recognition Ceremony in January. She is Associate Professor of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, and a WiSE Faculty member.

2019 WiSE-FPP Fall Welcome & Orientation

2019 WiSE Women of Color in STEM Fall Welcome

WiSE Summer Research Program Promotes Professional Development

Women Poses with Dissertation in Newborn Photo Shoot Spoof
This GMA article features Dr. Eve Humphrey, Biology Postdoc and Advisor for WiSE Women of Color in STEM.