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Karin Ruhlandt New Dean of Arts and Sciences


WiSE Co-Director Karin Ruhlandt

Named Dean of Arts and Sciences







Spring Calendar 2015


20th Anniversary

Piloting Space Shuttle Discovery

WiSE Alumna Eileen Collins

Eileen Collins - 20th Anniversary Piloting Discovery


WiSE-FPP Associates in the News

WiSE-FPP Associate Liz Droge-Young












Women in Science and Engineering at Syracuse University


The WiSE program fosters current and future success of women in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) through programs designed to address their unique strengths and challenges at every stage from entering freshman to accomplished professional.


Student and faculty involvement and commitment make WiSE one of the most successful women’s programs at Syracuse University.



Key Goals of WiSE


  • Positively impact persistence in STEM for undergraduate women through an emphasis on research.

  • Support professional development, degree completion and/or career preparation for women graduate students and post-doctoral fellows.

  • Increase resilience, support advancement and improve career and personal productivity and balance for women STEM faculty.

  • Build a strong community and social network for women in STEM.